Congratulations to Kenneth and Melvin Anno (the big winners at VW Action 2014!)

SAM_6722Kenneth and Melvin brought their cars from Belgium to VW Action this past weekend and walked away with not only Best of Show (Melvin’s Split window Bug), but also Europe’s Most Beautiful VW (Kenneth’s lowlight Ghia) awards.
We’d like to congratulate the guys on a great result, and also to remind you that you can read all about Melvin’s Bug in the February 2014 issue of Ultra VW and Kenneth’s Ghia in the next (October 2014) issue of Ultra VW!


Chris Lambourne’s street-legal show’n’go 12-second Camper!

This was the 12.8-second pass (@ 113mph) during the night racing at VW Action 2014 and below is the 12.64-second pass, which proves that this is, without a doubt, the most hardcore street Bus in the UK!

To quote Chris, ‘I’m no drag racer, hence there’s definitely a lot more potential’. Well done, that man – our favourite ever Type 2 just gets better and better!
Videos courtesy of VeeDub Racing

A rare piece of pre-war VW/Porsche history for sale on Ebay..

We’ve just spotted this advert for Dr. Ferdinand Porsche’s personal NSKK ID Card (1933-1936) listed on Ebay… a very rare piece of VW/Porsche historical memorabilia, for sure!*

Screenshot 2014-09-01 21.50.49To quote the listing:-
Genuine, Authentic German issued card for Dr. Ferdinand Porsche issued during period 1933 – 1936 by the German State Sanctioned Auto Regulatory Body – NSKK which became the ADAC after WWII. This document legally allowed Dr. Porsche to work as an automobile designer, engineer and car constructor. Without it Dr. Porsche could not have worked in Germany at that time, therefore there would have been no VW, no Porsche 356 or 911 et al that followed”

Assuming the story checks out, there is no denying that this is a very cool and collectable piece of KdF/Porsche history, which avid vintage Porsche/VW enthusiasts will certainly enjoy. Happy bidding!

*please note: Ultra VW is in no way associated with this item/sale and, whilst every effort is made to check the background of such Ebay/online advertisements, we cannot be held responsible/accountable for the authenticity of such items. 

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